Thus the overworked computing machine, suddenly entangled within its punched cards, joins as much as it is possible the poetic delirium, makes a jump from the reign of the compilation to the one of the creation.

 (G.E.D. freely translated on my own)


I teach in different courses in the Computer Science department of the  Université de Paris (formerly Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7), actually my lectures are in the fields of : operating systems, user interfaces, programming languages, computer programming, software engineering, mobile device programming. See the french web page for details. I have also some ICT activities for which you can find some documentation about here.


I am currently member of Université de Paris, formerly Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7, member of IRIF Laboratory and worked on : cellular automataboolean functions, algorithmics, parallelism. Very recently I am focusing on Linguistics and Artificial Neural Network Here is a list of my activities (not only focused on very strict scientific ones).


Fondements de la Programmation Concepts et Techniques

Jean-Marie Rifflet, Jean-Baptiste Yunès

Fondements de la Programmation Concepts et Techniques Book

Ellipses, 2014, ISBN: 9782340000148.

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Unix: Programmation et Communication

Jean-Marie Rifflet, Jean-Baptiste Yunès

Unix: Programmation et Communication Book

Dunod, 2003, ISBN: 978-2100079667.

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Almost exhaustive list of similar activities.


Some unclassified oddities

I also have some social and digital activities:


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